I’m leaving in a month..

08.21.13, the day 40 people partied in a hotel suite.

No words can explain how thankful and overwhelmed I was that night til the days after!

This is for the people who braved the storm just to celebrate with me.


Without each and everyone of you, it could have been just another day.




I was able to sneak in 10 bottles of liquor in to my suite. I’m so proud of myself. Oh and those cakes were from my family who checked in to a different room and surprised me. THE BEST CAKES EVER!


My sweetest fambam! Yes, I cried. Thank you so much for surprising me. You guys made my night even more special and amazing! Can’t get any luckier! I love you.


The morning after that crazy night. Thank you Bea, Arda and MJ for staying with me til after lunch :) You guys are the best! 


When I woke up and checked if there were any leftover food and drinks, I just saw one bottle of vodka, fresh lemons and an opened lemonade inside the fridge. That’s it. No doubt why it was one crazy night.

Thank you everyone for coming!! so much laughter, craziness and drunkies. so much memories. I love you guys!

Simply overwhelmed.

Before it’s too late, I just wanna thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday. I really appreciate it. Thanks to facebook’s birthday notifier for reminding everyone on my list! HAHAHA! hmm, I really appreciate the ones who greeted me even before my birthday was made visible publicly. Funny. You know who you are, adorable people ;)

Now, Let me thank each and everyone who showed up last friday(my pre birthday celebration) at Fiamma.

I can’t thank you enough! You guys made my night unforgettable. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to take every single shot you offered me everytime you guys toast for mi burrday. I was just feeling really sick and I needed to force myself to be okay. Hehehe. To my friends from Raffles and MC, thank you cause you made it so easy for me to make you guys mingle with each other. And to the LaSallian boys, my newly found friends(i mean most of them), I can’t thank you enough for bringing my friends who did pass out home safe and sound. Thanks for accepting my invitation to join us that night! And of course I hope you also had fun! To those who still came/dropped by even after midnight, thank you! Hmm.. Fiamma fambam, Thank you for always being so nice to me! You guys are the most accommodating people! I really had an amazing night! ‘til next time! :) 

To MJ and Arda, Thank you for skyping with me earlier this day, for trying your best to speak in Japanese with the help of Google, for entertaining me with your party-ish lights and for dancing like crazy =)) AAAH i miss the two of you!! Tell Ate Crixie I said Thank You also for greeting me super early :) Thank you! I love you both :) See you soon! 

To some A-Team my loveys who greeted me, THANK YOU SO MUCH :”> specially to REI who made a super short happy birthday video and to CHINA who sent me a really touching and sweet letter :”> You guys are one of the best people I know and even your birthday tweets for me made me so kilig hihihi. Thanks, again! i love you :)

To A(alwaysaryne.tumblr.com), my sweetest cousin, Y U SO SWEET HUH? You never fail to make my heart melt with your most sincere words. You are definitely one of my favorites :) and i will never get tired of making you happy and laugh and get crazy. I just feel so comfy with you! You know me too well. Thank you! Your post is so heart warming and i wanna read it over and over again so it’s gonna be like my birthday errday =)) I love you! Sooo, if you guys wanna read it, here’s the link -> http://alwaysaryne.tumblr.com/post/29888277750/she-has-the-heart-of-gold-and-a-spontaneous-mind

This time, I wanna thank my bestfriend, Rie Abrera(you can follow her on twitter @rieabrera hahaha!) for being sooo sweet to me :”> She made a video with greetings from my closest friends(and i havent seen some of them for so long which made it more special) & i got really teary eyed while watching it. She included our super funny “Stuck In The Moment” video which made me laugh like crazy. And you know what, she finally sang a whole song for me :”> She’s a great singer!! And of course, I wanna thank each of my special friends who made a video for me ♥ You guys never fail to make me happy! it really touched my heart:”> Sweetness overload! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

The last but not the least, I wanna thank my family. Thank you for today! I had an amazing time though my 2 year old niece tried to sabotage my birthday by sleeping til 6pm. LOL I love you :”> thank you for taking me to one of my fave Steak House here in Tokyo, Billy The Kid and for the super yummy tummy friendly chocolatey strawberry cake. IT WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you most!


I wanna thank my grandma for calling just to greet me a happy birthday.. She just got confined :( She’s in the hospital right now and still under observation. She’ll be confined maybe til the 24th of August :( Her blood sugar level was too high that her doctor needed to inject insulin already. Fever please leave nooow too!!! She told me to enjoy my day and not to worry about her in her soft and slow voice :’( I hope she gets better real soon. Include her in your prayers! Thanks, guys!


One day, servant dimpleandfreckles-deactivated20 said: Hello there :)) I just wanna drop by and greet you a Happy Happy Birthday. Stay awesome as you are. I really adore everything 'bout you :)) I hope to see and meet you when I get back in the Phil. BTW, enjoy your special day. Godbless! ♥
And I, the Princess, was like:

Hey there! Thank you so much! Well, I would love to meet you as well :)

Oh, I thought being selfless was supposed to make you feel good?

I miss the sound of your voice. I miss knowing you’re around. I miss having late breakfast, lunch and dinner with you. I miss watching movies with you. I miss singing with you. I miss our non-sense arguments. I miss annoying you. I miss playing with you hair. I miss having someone to talk to before I go to sleep. I miss seeing your face. I miss you by my side. I miss hugging you tight til you can’t breathe. I miss hanging out with you. I miss listening to your random rants. I miss you asking me to go wherever you are. I miss waking up next to you. I miss asking you to do simple things for me. I miss hearing you play the piano over and over again. I miss hearing your complaints. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you. I’ve been longing for you.

Date with A today :)

Date with A today :)